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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Publishers Need To Determine User Personas on Mobiles For Better Book Marketing/Sales

Mobile devices hold audiences for
your book sales
In today's expanding digital publishing world with ever increasing mobile devices --- publishers need to figure out just where in the hell their most probable customers reside among the mobile community.

Of all the mobile users (fastest growing digital doers) where (or on which device) are most of the readers of my particular genre?

Why is this important? Because each category of mobile device are separate entities with their own design and utility needs that need to be customized for each.

Just how do we decipher this useful bit of information?

It's often damn hard, I'll tell you that --- But, one way (and maybe the only way for publishers/writers outside the digital device manufacturing industry) is through research done by digital device manufacturers to determine best business practices within their own industry.

Tonight's post is research done by Flurry, a mobile ad firm, that analyzed the usage data from more than 44,000 devices - grouped under the two major categories of iPhone (Smartphone) and iPad (Tablet).

Great results depicted on a pretty 'persona usage' chart:

Looking at the persona or demographic groups depicted in the chart above, on which device would you say the audience for your book genre is mostly located?

Get more info from the original FOLIO magazine article :

iPad and iPhone Uses Differ Sharply

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