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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Number One Book System = Amazon Best Seller

The possibilities of a self-published
 author are infinite and only limited
 by their own imagination.
Digital Marketer (DM) has apparently established a sure-fire way to become an Amazon Best Seller --- Its called 'Number One Book System'

DM has some pretty well respected digital/ebooks/marketing experts on their staff. Might be worth checking into.

This Digital Marketer press release from PRWeb:

How to Become an Amazon Best Seller with Number One Book System Showing the Way Topic of DigitalMarketer.com Article

Digital Marketer’s new program, the Number One Book System, is guiding writers on the path to self-publication, according to a recent online article.

Digital Marketer’s latest online article said their new Number One Book System is showing people how to become an Amazon best seller by self-publishing their own eBooks. Amazon.com is the most massive e-commerce site on the web, the article said, and eBooks are some of its main attractions. Readers are scooping up eBooks faster than authors can write them, which is why the Number One Book System is proving to be such a revolutionary program, said the article.
Using the Number One Book System gives authors the chance to start from absolute scratch and work their way towards getting a book to number one on Amazon Kindle through crafty promotion and grassroots community support, the article said. A membership in the program includes a spot in the Number One Book Club, the premier online community for e-publishers to connect and collaborate.

Kindle eBooks have officially dominated the book world since they surpassed print book sales on Amazon.com last year, said the article. The numbers are astounding, and eBooks are creating a modern technological way for readers to absorb written content. The article said record amounts of eBooks are being downloaded and read, thanks to Amazon’s vast collection of book-hungry customers.

A recent press release from Amazon.com told the rest of the story:

“Amazon.com today announced that its catalog of over 180,000 exclusive Kindle books have been purchased, downloaded, or borrowed from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library more than 100 million times,” it said.

Capturing the flow of the mighty eBook river is a no-brainer, said the online article, and that’s what Digital Marketer wants to convey with its Number One Book System. The program isn’t just a how-to, it’s a comprehensive collection of the most useful tips and tricks that can manage a best-selling eBook’s performance over the long haul.

With the community-based cooperative of the Number One Book Club, writers will have endless support and assistance in writing, reviewing, and promoting their books in any and every category imaginable. The club gives members the ability to break into groups and allows for forum-style communication so like-minded people can work together towards their Kindle goals.

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