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Friday, March 16, 2012

The New Query Letter is Actually a Publishing Experience --- And it's Global

Self-Publishing Is The New Query
I have posted several times prior RE bypassing the old 'submit your manuscript (MS) to publishers and hurry up and wait, wait, wait for a response' and just go ahead and self-publish your MS on venues that will not only get your work read (and critiqued) but also read by editors looking for new talent!

Tonight I'm giving out a new self-publishing venue I discovered that sounds pretty good for accomplishing these goals.

Introducing Danish online startup Movellas. More by Tarmo Virki of Reuters:

Next star authors could be found online

For novelists, the days of sending manuscripts to dozens of publishers and anxiously awaiting a reply may soon be over.

Thousands of writers who use online literature networks like teen-friendly Movellas or Penguin's Book Country, are already receiving instant feedback, altering texts on a whim and having their work read by the public no matter what a publisher thinks.

The internet has torn down the walled gardens of a previously closed industry as anyone can publish their texts with a few clicks -- a change which is also creating demand for industry newcomers.

"Publishers don't want the same to happen to them that happened to the music industry," said Per Larsen, chief executive of Danish online startup Movellas. "They know the publishing business model has been broken."

The recording industry has seen an explosion in online piracy take an enormous amount of money out of their pockets with the widespread illegal downloading of music, which used to be available only on CDs, tapes, records, etc...

At the same time, the music industry is also seeing some bands recording their own music and putting it out directly over the Internet, cutting out the big labels in the middle.

Movellas aims to stand out among rivals with its global approach and focus on teenagers who are entering the world of creative writing through its network.

"We want to be the Number One community in the world for identifying new talent," Larsen said.

Already tens of thousands of texts are published monthly on the site by young writers like Ebonie Mather, a 19-year old from Hertfordshire in Britain, who has published mostly poems on the site.

"I'd love to be a writer," she said, adding that the constructive feedback was helping her to develop.

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