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Monday, March 19, 2012

Magazine Publishing: Biggest Magazine Business Deals in 2011

Want an inside look at who sold what to whom and at what price in the great magazine media in 2011 ?

Digital and print magazines are a bubbling, ever morphing and exciting publishing enterprise! And the M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) each year gives an insight into the lifeblood and future trends of this vibrant and entertaining industry.

These details from the March, 2012 FOLIO Magazine:

The Top Magazine Industry Deals of 2011

Deals that signaled new directions or tipped the scale on emerging trends.

While not a blockbuster year for magazine media M&A, 2011 did have its share of big deals, as well as some that clearly signaled where publishers were placing their bets on future revenues. While Hearst’s purchase of the Hachette brands was the biggest strictly magazine deal of the year, it was nevertheless a relative anomaly. Straight magazine deals on a large scale were almost non-existent and may become a rarity going forward if some industry observers are proven correct. Instead, e-commerce, events, marketing services and digital deals were more the norm as publishers looked for tuck-ins to create an instant revenue source to shore up a flat advertising market.

Looking back on 2011, our list includes some big deals alongside others that represented significant milestones for some companies and brands, as well as some smaller deals that were noteworthy in their own right or intersected the magazine industry, such as Glam’s purchase of the Ning community platform or AOL’s acquisition of Huffington Post.

Read and learn more about the deals (the deals details [buyers, sellers, prices, etc.] are given as links under the heading 'properties' at end of featured article.

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