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Thursday, July 21, 2011

'Highlighter' Digital Tool Gives Publishers More Analytics, Social Media Interactivity

Highlighter, a new digital sharing tool launched 19 July 2011, will provide publishers with readers' reactions and interactions to their content and offer them social media interactivity.

This is a great tool and the plugin is FREE! Use it on blogs and other websites to allow readers to highlight content and share it with others on Facebook and Twitter.

Details provided by Gabe Habash in Publishers Weekly:

Highlighter Gives Publishers Extensive Analytics of Their Content

Publishers may soon find Highlighter, the new digital sharing tool launched July 19, to be an invaluable resource for accessing their audience’s reactions and interactions of their content.

Highlighter is a free plugin that allows users to highlight or annotate text from a site and then share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter, the idea being to give every Highligher-equipped blog or website a measure of social media interactivity.

For publishers, bloggers, and writers, Highlighter provides detailed analytics on which parts of your content are being highlighted and shared. The functions allow for a simple and efficient two-way conversation between publishers and their audience, with the intention being to increase users’ page views and time spent on the website.

Highlighter is the brainchild of Josh Mullineaux, Matt Blancarte, and Nate Whitehill, who previously founded Unique Blog Designs, a web and blog design company with over 35,000 publishing clients. This vast interaction with publishers led to the seed that became Highlighter.

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