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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Publishing Nuggets--Insights for You

Insightful publishing news bouncing around the web today...from mag advertising revenues increasing, tech advances in tablet apps, new custom Publishing Options for the Higher Education Community to Google's earnings falling short!

A regular treasure trove of incisive publishing and publishing-related learning material.

I present some of what I consider the most interesting:

IAB Reports 2010 Internet Ad Revenues Up Almost 15 Percent

2010 fourth quarter revenue increases 19 Percent over 2009 Q4.

I wanted to introduce the IAB (the Interactive Advertising Bureau) to you all in this one.

Grading the Tina Brown Newsweek

Packaging, graphics are much improved, but can she walk the “Newsbeast” line?

Sports Illustrated Launches App for Motorola Xoom

App is part of Time Inc.’s “All Access” digital subscription plan.

Could Google’s earnings feed doubt across the tech world?

Google’s earnings fell short of what analysts were expecting Thursday, sending shares in the tech giant sinking to a six-month low in after-hours trading.

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