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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Special Report: E-Reader Revolution in True Digital Format!

For those who have not experienced the new digital ambiance through an e-reader and all it's convenient interactivity, todays post will take you there through FOLIO magazine's special report:

THE E-READER REVOLUTION: Digital Magazines, Mobile Media, E-Readers and the Opportunities for Media Brands

If anything, this year will be a year of transformation for the digital magazine, driven by an exploding mobile device market, including e-readers and tablets. Publishers have renewed their interest in producing digital editions for these new platforms while simultaneously continuing to distribute “traditional” digital replicas of their magazine brands. Here, we check in with vendors and publishers for an update on the state of the digital magazine, its new opportunities and where it’s headed. ■

CLICK HERE to view this digital report in its entirety in true digital format.
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