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Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Explosion From Desktop to Mobile Publishing

I the past twenty years (+ or -) the publishing industry has been bombarded into new business models due to the transition from print (traditional) to digital publishing and now it is blasting into new directions again due to the inner digital transition from desktop to mobile.

Damn the constant change and associated drama and stress this has heaped upon, not only publishing entities, but writers, authors and other content producers as well! :(

Different ways to manage ad dependent revenue or lack of, different advertising avenues, different distribution ways and means, different angles for this and that, etc., etc.

Anyway, according to Kunal Guptafounder and CEO of Polar, a branded content platform provider, due to the rapid jump from desktop to mobile the desktop has become the new print for publishers.    

The following insight by Kunal Gupta gives an interesting and knowledgeable understanding of this latest aspect of the publishing phenomenon:

Publishers are missing the jump from desktop to mobile

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