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Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Is Best Digital Format For Your E-Book? Hmmm, Let's Take a Look

Due to some responses I received from a post I made yesterday on my other blog, Publishing/Writing: Insights, News, Intrigue, titled 'IDEAlliance (The International Digital Enterprise Alliance) Seeks Standardization for Mobile Magazine Publishing', I have come to the conclusion that others may be as confused as I once was RE the exploding mobile digital publishing arena.

Did I say "once was" confused? Let me clarify; actually I was born confused and have stayed confused all my life :) I just get patches of clarity from time to time --- It doesn't mean I'm an expert in anything, except perhaps as a journeyman in confusion --- and I'm not even a master in that.

Anyway, some seem to be a little discombobbled about what PDF, MOBI and ePub digital formats are all about and what the benefits of each are.

So tonight I'm offering a 3.5 minute YouTube video link that explains some differences and two text links that will fill out your understanding of the three main digital formats and digital and electronic publishing in general.

ePub vs. MOBI vs. PDF: Which format should you use for your eBook?  --- A great text link.

Electronic Publishing --- A great overview text link.

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