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Monday, August 19, 2013


My Dear Wife, Yon Suk, in our back yard in Portugal
in 1983
I have been M.I.A. longer than usual due to a tragic personal loss on 8/9/13. I lost the gentle, sweet soul of my dear wife and soul mate, Yon Suk, to a devastating neurological condition called PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy).

She was officially diagnosed with PSP two years ago but probably had been afflicted with it for a longer period. We just didn't know what it was.

When The Good Lord called her home she took my very heart and soul with her --- Seems we were married forever. I miss her so much.

Any goodness or beauty I may possess, Yon Suk instilled and nurtured it.

It's as if someone reached deep inside me and pulled me inside out --- then stomped on me for good measure.

Just getting to a point where I can write a few words on my blogs - I must - I think it will help. I wrote a little before on Facebook - but, that was mostly to notify separated family and it was a hard task.

I talk to Yon Suk every day and ask for her help and spirit to just get up and go on. I seem to hear her a little better now and can move around and take some small steps.

I believe she is in a better place and not suffering as she did - and this sustains me for now.

I love you, 'Yobie'.  

My Soul Mate, Yon Suk, in 1995
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