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Saturday, March 23, 2013

What Constitutes a Textbook? Reshaping the Traditional Academic Publishing Paradigm

What media textbook
should I use?
What constitutes a textbook? 

I have discussed the academic publishing environment numerous times in the past. Tonight we are tackling it from the digital viewpoint and what basic structural changes have occurred because of digital media AND what improvements have resulted --- or not. 

There is a video of the New Media Education Conference and some interesting and informative academic and digital related publishing links in tonight's post; among them is this link to the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, which you may find interesting.

Vincent Racaniello writes this for Watching the Watchers:

New Media Publishing: Whither the Textbook?

The theme of a recent New Media in Education Conference held at Columbia University was how digital media has reshaped the traditional academic publishing paradigm. I participated in a session entitled ‘New media publishing: Whither the textbook?‘ in which four panelists spoke about their experiences in this area. I spoke about how I use podcasting, blogging, and online courses to teach the public about virology. Paulette Bernd discussed the iPad dissection manual she developed for use in the Gross Anatomy laboratory at the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Columbia University. Grant Ackerman detailed the Business School's integration of iPads in the MBA program and their use of the iBook as an extended learning resource. Mark Newtonrecounted how the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship partners with Columbia faculty to implement innovative digital tools and publishing platforms for content delivery and preservation.

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