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Friday, May 18, 2012

American Book Industry Growing Overseas (Print & Digital)

American Books Export Growth
TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters have always been good American cultural exports --- But, guess what? American books have joined the "great American cultural exports" group.

The Association of American Publishers, tracking book exports for the first time, have found some interesting facts about why non-English speaking countries are now seeking American English titles.

And, AAP offers some good statistical growth figures over the past couple of years.

More details by Matthew Flamm, in Crain's New York Business:

New York books find foreign audience

Sales of American-published authors rose 7% in 2011 thanks to a 333% spike in e-book sales, report says. Young readers overseas want to learn English.

TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters aren't America's only cultural exports. The book industry is also expanding overseas, according to a report released Friday by the Association of American Publishers that looks at book exports for the first time.

Exports by U.S. publishers, which are dominated by the big six New York houses, rose 7% in 2011 over the prior year to $357 million. That included $22 million in e-books purchased overseas—a 333% spike—and $336 million in print books, a bump of 2%.

Continental Europe made up the biggest market, with sales of $83 million, up 15%. The United Kingdom was second, with $64 million in sales, up 23%, followed by Latin America, which was up 15% to $17 million.

The report attributed the growth to the spread of online booksellers and the international emergence of e-books in 2009. Historically, foreign distributors, particularly in non-English language countries, offered only 5% to 10% of U.S. publishers' English-language titles.

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