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Thursday, March 29, 2012

For Magazine Publishing: The First Unified Platform Leveraging Digital, Web and Mobile Media

This sounds exciting as it provides publishers with a one stop shop solution/platform containing all the new tech requirements for multi-media/multi-device digital publishing :)


With the rapid growth of digital (and especially mobile digital) publishing, publishers have been struggling with connecting all the dots to materialize their content over all platforms with one single format.

Two digital content, publishing industry leaders: Godengo, the largest provider of content management systems for magazine publishers and Texterity, a leading provider of digital magazines and mobile applications have merged to provide just such a streamlined, device-agnostic format solution --- plus other visionary stuff :)

Details from The Wall Street Journal, Market Watch

Godengo and Texterity Join to Offer First Comprehensive Digital, Web and Mobile Publishing Solution for Magazines

BERKELEY, Calif. & SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass., Mar 29, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- To meet growing demand from the magazine industry for a comprehensive technology solution for digital content publishing, industry leaders Godengo, Inc. ( www.godengo.com ) and Texterity, Inc. ( www.texterity.com ) today announced that they have joined forces to create the first unified platform that’s focused on helping publishers leverage digital, web, and mobile media. Under terms of the completed transaction, Godengo, the largest provider of content management systems for magazine publishers, has acquired Texterity, a leading provider of digital magazines and mobile applications. Terms of the private deal were not disclosed.

The combined company provides services to more than 1,200 magazine titles owned by more than 500 publishers throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. It is also the only technology-service provider in the space that helps publishers seamlessly transition, integrate, and enhance their content across multiple digital and mobile platforms, the companies said.

“Godengo and Texterity have complementary expertise, specializations, and cultures, and together we’ll offer a level of functionality and flexibility to clients that is well beyond anything currently in the marketplace,” said Peter Stilson, Godengo’s President and CEO, who will lead the combined company as CEO. “The publishing industry has been looking for a true partner that can meet the full scope of needs in cross-platform digital and mobile integration, and now it has one.”

Before joining Godengo, Stilson served as chief operating officer of Internet Broadcasting (IB) from 2000 to 2008. Prior to IB, he was executive vice president of Norstan Inc., a Minneapolis-based telecommunications company.

Stilson added that a key objective of the combined company, which will be re-branded in the months ahead, is to continue to grow its capabilities. “We’ve just completed raising a Series C round of growth capital and will use those resources to expand and enhance our services and products.” Capital for expansion and facilitating the purchase of Texterity was provided by investors including New Science Ventures.

Carl Scholz, who is currently President of Texterity and previously served as the company’s chief operating officer, will become President of the combined company. Previously, Scholz worked at Houghton Mifflin Company, and also held management and software engineering positions at the Open Software Foundation, Interactive Systems Corporation, and NCR Corporation.

Martin Hensel, who founded Texterity in 1991 and has been at the forefront of the digital publishing industry for more than two decades, will advise the new company as part of his new consulting practice for publishers and media technology firms.

Two Leaders Become One Source for Publishers

Godengo’s clients use the company’s industry-leading content management systems and browser-based software solutions to publish digital and online content for print magazines and weekly newspapers. The company works with media including city and regional, parenting, enthusiast, business, and association publications.

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