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Saturday, February 11, 2012

RE Books: A Published Pre-Publishing Marketing Tool with Benefits

Who wrote this great
little ebook?
An approach tonight for writing in order to market, get quick-published and make some money while you're still working on your first masterpiece.

There are authors and then there are authors!

For those dreaming and working toward publishing a great novel, fiction or otherwise, you can concurrently do the following fast, free and easy: Write a small book about a hobby or something you know about and publish it free on both Kindle and The Nook.

Why do this?

Because you will get to market your business, hobby (and/or even your big upcoming masterpiece) AND yourself via your small book, and become a published author, all the while making some money. What more could you want?

These accomplishments could very well help you get known, build a following and sell your masterpiece when it's completed :)

Call this a published pre-publishing marketing tool with benefits :)))

These details from Kim Castleberry of Business2Community:

eBook Reader Publishing and Why You Should Do it Now

The time is here to get in as close to the ground floor as possible on the eBook publishing bandwagon.

Both Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, make it simple to publish your eBooks and eReports.

They take a very small cut of your sales with no charges up front. In the scheme of things, on the net this is an offer you can’t refuse. You will get to market your business via your book, and become a published author, all the while making money. What more could you want?

In the past, self-publishing was too expensive for most average people to do. It could cost thousands. Now, you can essentially do it free, aside from the cost of your time writing the book, which of course was a labor of love anyway, right? I’m kidding, I know writing is hard, and can be like pulling teeth unless you use a system like the 7 Day Ebook, but now publishing doesn’t have to be. You can publish free, on both Kindle and The Nook, rather easily.

You may not realize how publishing traditionally works, but suffice it to say, the “house” gets most of the money, because they take most of the risk. And guess what, you still have to market your book after it’s published. Huge advances, and large royalties, only exist for people who are already famous and already have made a name for themselves. At the most, you can hope to make 50 cents to a buck per book sold, when it’s all said and done.

Now on Kindle and The Nook, you can publish without any publishing costs. You may however still have some costs such as:




•Cover Art


Even if you don’t pay a writer to write for you, (which you can do, it’s called Ghostwriting) you should highly consider hiring an editor. Even if you don’t hire an editor, do edit your book thoroughly.

Edit the format of your book, with publishing on the Nook and Kindle in mind. You can follow the formatting rules for .html format on Kindle and use it for the Nook too, thus only using one method for both books. Word templates for kindle publishing can also help. If you’re unfamiliar with these methods, remember, time is money, and consider outsourcing to someone with experience.

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