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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Reader Feedback Publishing Model is Faster, More Flexible

Content creation will be developed and pre-tested through cooperation with the author's established community.

Interesting, no? And will result in faster author to reader timelines with consumer desired content (who needs third party editors, publishers, agents).

This new publishing model highlights the importance of writers establishing an online presence.

This from MarketWire:

Sourcebooks Launches Agile Publishing Model

A New Platform for Authors -- Faster, More Flexible, and With Reader Feedback

Sourcebooks launches today an Agile Publishing Model (APM) that will allow for the rapid and interactive development of books, ebooks, videos, and other materials by its authors, where the content evolves through a partnership between the author and their community. This framework allows for a more iterative publishing process -- making content available faster, getting real-time customer feedback, and shaping the final product based on the collaboration between the author and reader.

"The traditional publishing model -- long schedules, creating in a vacuum, lack of involvement with the readers of the end product -- drives some authors crazy," says Dominique Raccah, CEO and publisher of Sourcebooks. "This model is a great fit for experts who are highly immersed in their field and where the field is evolving rapidly."

Entering the Shift Age, by futurist, advisor, and speaker David Houle ( www.davidhoule.com ), will be the first book published under this model in fall 2012. Sourcebooks will release several related ebooks and other materials from Houle as part of the APM over the upcoming months, in which Houle will identify and explain the dynamics and forces that will reshape our world for the next 20 years.

"The model came to our attention from work O'Reilly Media was doing. What was really interesting to me was having a physical book come at the end of a community-building process, and what better way to launch than with a futurist," says Raccah.

The Entering the Shift Age blog will serve not only as the community site for review and discussion of the book, but also as a platform for the development of the Sourcebooks APM. Working together, Houle and the blog community will shape and change the content as the book moves from its initial stages as an interactive, digital platform to a "traditionally published" product.

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