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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Backlit, E-Book Publisher, Creates Shortest Path from Writer to Reader

The absolute warp speed of e-book production has made possible the impossible dream ... Mainly, being able to rapidly test new story ideas (before actually writing the entire story) with digitally-addicted audiences through online trailers or "e-snippits" on social media sites.

Backlit publishing presents the new publishing model that accomplishes this feat starting with incubating teen serials as episodic apps and film/TV properties.

From MarketWatch.com:

Backlit Launches New Publishing Model for Teen Franchises

Backlit ( www.backlitfiction.com ) launched its first series of teen franchise ebooks via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple: Borrowing Abby Grace, The Start-Up and The Dig, followed by Young Americans, Future Perfect and The Defiants early next year. Similar to Young Adult (YA) successes like Gossip Girl and The Hunger Games, Backlit ebooks will create new franchises tailored to and tested with teen audiences.

Backlit has a first look film and television deal with Jack Giarraputo of Happy Madison. Jack is one of Hollywood's most successful producers with films grossing over $2 billion domestically. He is Backlit's strategic partner, creative advisor and lead investor. "Backlit is reinventing publishing by shortening the path from writer to reader," said Giarraputo.

The Backlit model quickly determines audience and franchise value. "The speed of ebook production allows Backlit to test fresh commercial ideas with core audiences," said Backlit Publisher, Panio Gianopoulos. "Working closely with some of Hollywood's best creative minds, Backlit is committed to telling stories that will be loved as books, television and movies."

Episodic content is previewed via Facebook and Twitter, allowing Backlit to engage teens who routinely find their entertainment online. Immediate audience feedback, interactivity and spin-offs take on a whole new value when stories are created and released quickly. Focused on Millennial readers with episodic attention spans, Backlit ebook downloads will be released exclusively digitally every few weeks, yet offer significant narrative depth.

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