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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Publishing Genie Is Out Of The Bottle ...

... And it appears that even established authors are having trouble thinking outside the box. Some renowned authors are so used to a certain structure (a rather restricted and stingy one at that) they can think only in terms of the old publishing model and can't visualize the possibilities in modern publishing. Can't handle the new freedom in the publishing landscape.

It's sort of like when a dictator-driven country is suddenly liberated and the citizens just don't know what to do or where to turn ... at least at first.

Warren Adler, author of The War of the Roses, Random Hearts and the PBS trilogy The Sunset Gang, is also a pioneer in digital publishing. But, even with his digital experience, his musings in the following article show his latent bewilderment and uneasiness with the current publishing landscape ... and just how new authors will be discovered.

At least that's my take on it.

Simply, authors today will have to do the exact same thing they did under the traditional publishing model, except they will have to do it more vertically ... Put another way, they are now empowered to do many of the tasks that had to be done for them before ... at great monetary and time expense.

Here then is the renowned Warren Adler with some great insight on the new Amazon publishing imprint and other musings:

The Publishing Civil War

So, Amazon is to become the official publisher of its own books. It was, of course, bound to happen, too tempting to resist. After all, it does represent a large chunk of the retail book business and does operate its own production and distribution facilities both through its Kindle and print sites.

In effect, it now competes not only with its suppliers (meaning other publishers) large and small, but also with other authors, both traditionally published and a giant wave of self-published authors.

As a pioneer in the eBook juggernaut when it was a pipsqueak possible spinoff of publishing in the early days of Internet sales, I viewed this development as an inevitability. It is by no means a surprise.

The upcoming phase in what is clearly a civil war between the traditional publishers and a powerful arm of its distribution system is what will happen next. The fact is that Amazon has been skirting around the edges for years, and in some ways has been its own publisher, offering titles exclusive to its sites.

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