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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Digital Era = Third Age of Publishing.

As most realize by now, digital will be chomping off the major share of the publishing market in the future ... But, there still remains a very healthy demand for the printed word at present ... and a somewhat lesser degree of demand will always exist.

Chief Executive of Cambridge University Press (CUP), Stephen Bourne, has this insight on the digitalization of the publishing industry, especially textbooks becoming digital in the near future with pictures, music and videos of learning material:

'Publishing industry moving towards digitalization'

Thiruvananthapuram: The publishing industry worldwide is fast moving towards digitalization and there is a strong future for publishers in the digital medium, Chief Executive of Cambridge University Press (CUP) Stephen Bourne said here on Saturday.

"The digital era is actually the second industrial revolution and third age of publishing. However, print publishing will continue for many years as there is good demand for it also," he told a meet-the press programme organised by the Press Club here.

John's Note: If the digital era is the third age of publishing, does anybody know what the first two ages of publishing might be? A good homework assignment for those interested :)

CUP's revenue from digital medium was two percent a decade ago, but has touched 20 percent now and is expected to go up to 40 percent by 2020, said Bourne, who took charge as CEO of CUP in 2002.

On digital medium in education, he said textbooks would become digital in the near future with pictures, music and videos of learning material, he said.

CUP was also committed to support innovation in learning and teaching, he said, adding that CUP publishes without boundaries, ensuring its resources are accessible across the globe, in print, digital and online formats'.

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