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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reformatting Publishing as We Know It ... Even Today's Publishing!

Many individuals, companies, technologies and other entities have been, are presently involved in or are aspiring to do just that ... reformat or redo publishing as we know it.

In fact, a lot of reformatting has already taken place, right?

Now Google is getting ready to enter and 'improve' the social publishing genre. It’s not just about sharing content anymore, it’s about apps that magically reformat content that’s out there ... for a better sharing experience!

Technology is moving at warp speed, and much is above my head anyway :), but you will find these details from Silicon Republic.com reported by John Kennedy deliciously riveting and informative:

Google wants to reformat the publishing business

It has emerged that Google is about to take on the social publishing revolution and beat early proponents like Flipboard and Pulse by helping the genre to flourish on its Android platform for smartphones and tablets.

Anyone who is familiar with apps like Flipboard – an elegant iPad app that takes feeds from Facebook, Twitter and a plethora of mainstream publications liked Forbes and the New Yorker and turns them into an elegant table-top magazine – will realise that the era of social publishing is well and truly upon us.

It’s not just about sharing, it’s about apps that elegantly reformat content that’s out there – whether it’s an online news piece, a blog or just a tweet – for your reading/viewing pleasure.

Apps like Pulse on both iOS and Android devices beautifully rend all your feeds from Google Reader into a tabular array to ensure you miss nothing.

It has emerged that Google is now working on a product that will take content from Google+ and other social sources to compete with Flipboard and Pulse in the growing social magazine space.

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