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Monday, September 5, 2011

E-Books and Serialization

Stories told in bits or chunks, rather than in a complete book format all at once, is an old, established, storytelling technique known as 'serials' ... and was best suited for magazine or newspaper formats.

Apparently, e-books are now going to experiment with this type of storytelling structure. In fact, the idea was conceived and brought to the forefront almost simultaneously by two different entities thousands of miles apart!

I think serialization of e-books is a great (actually inevitable) idea ... What do you think?

This from booktrade.info 

How To Come Second In A Publishing Race ... And Still Win

It's good news all round that an independent publisher can gallop hard and fast, lose by a nose to an author: and still make friends and influence people.

It happened to BeWrite Books when renowned best-seller Roz Morris – a world-class thoroughbred – pipped them at the post on the same new idea both, unknowingly and thousands of miles apart, had been working on simultaneously for months. And it was smiles, good humor and fun all round when BeWrite Books sent an email of congratulations to Roz on her win. But the story got better ... and it's about how to win even when you lose.

Although they'd never met before, BB chief editor Neil Marr and Roz made a virtual, long-distance handshake to team up, there and then, to share and broadcast the new system they had developed independently. They co-wrote a special article telling all here at: http://www.bewritebooks.blogspot.com/.

It's all about a new approach to ebook novel structuring that allows a fully prepared novel to be built, satisfyingly to the reader, in four regularly and shortly-paced episodes of equal length, craftily making use of the old and well loved newspaper and magazine system that pre-dates even Dickens and Doyle to build a complete book in bite-sized chunks that all but died out in the latter half of the last centuries as newspapers and magazines cut back on serialized fiction or folded.

But the new scheme is subtly differences to the old grand masters in its fresh approach to serialization and marketing works.

BeWrite Books was busily preparing the first six titles from its existing catalog for simultaneous release in the new form in late September, when Roz, took them by surprise and released her own new book, My Memories of a Future LIFE, last week.

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