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Monday, March 28, 2011

Publishing in 2020 - Problems to Solve

I wrote about the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) on my Publishing/Writing: Insights, News, Intrigue blog back in October 2010.

Basically, the BISG is a research and think tank group that analyzes and researches all aspects of the publishing industry to anticipate and solve problems to improve the professional lives of all in the industry and set standards and best practices.

Phew! That's a big order...and a noble cause...and they've been at it for 36 years, since 1975. Of course, they have evolved during that time to become what they are today.

One way they perform their mission is to reach out to all professionals for input. Now the BISG is giving YOU a chance to have your say. What is the key publishing problem that must be solved by 2020?

Here is an open forum request from Publishing Perspectives by Edward Nawotka:

What is the Key Problem for Publishing to Solve by 2020?

Today’s feature story discusses how the Book Industry Study Group works to improve the professional lives of those in the publishing industry and establish a set of standards and best practices. This Thursday, BISG is hosting the latest in its series of NEXT conferences. Entitled “Developing the 2020 Publishing Program,” it focuses on innovation and the issues that publishers are going to confront over the next ten years, such as coming up with a mobile strategy and how to get closer to customers.

So, now is your turn to play “futurist.” Tell us, what do you think is the key problem for publishing to solve by 2020? Is it how to avoid being subsumed by Internet companies who merely want to turn publishers into “content farms,” like those sci-fi movies where computers raise humans to use them as living batteries? Is it becoming even more relevant to the mass market by promoting reading as a more attractive pass-time than playing video games or surfing Web video? Is it trying to stay ahead of the curve on technology and device development so writers and editors can devise stories and formats for the new ways in which people will read?

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