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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Digital Magazine Covers Now Mini-Movies!

And the world of complex content moves ever onward. At the recent MPA Digital E-Reading event, Esquire magazine introduced some of its unique covers that actually come to life as videos if you press the play button.

The already unique Esquire covers have become what I term "action-unique"...

Matt Kinsman of FOLIO magazine shares more detail:

VIDEO: Esquire's Mini-Movie iPad Covers

At the MPA Digital E-Reading event yesterday, several publishers shared "Two-Minute Drilldowns" of some of their best app ideas. Esquire associate editor Julian Sancton shared how the magazine has turned some of its iPad covers into almost "mini-movies," including live action direction of its subjects, such as "Sexiest Woman Alive" Minka Kelly doing her thing and actor Liam Neeson (a former boxer) throwing a couple shots at the cover/screen. (Sorry about the obligatory sponsor message but it's worth the wait.)

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