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Friday, January 14, 2011

Microsoft's Free Web Publishing Tool: WebMatrix

Microsoft, in my humble opinion, is stepping back into the glory ring with today's unvailing of WebMatrix...Yep, just call Microsoft Rocky 100 on this caper.

This is a free publishing tool geared to all the "non-professional" programmers that want their own websites to publish from but have no expertise or budget to speak of (my category exactly!) ...but Webmatrix is powerful enough for professional agency web designers!

This shouts VALUE...and could greatly assist us talented(?) but poor writers!

Sharon Chan of the Seattle Times has this report on the WebMatrix:

Microsoft launches free Web publishing tools WebMatrix

Microsoft launched free Web publishing tools today in a new software suite called WebMatrix.

The software is targeted at Web developers who may be using free open-source software to build websites. WebMatrix includes tools for running a website, including a Web server, database and Web frameworks. It also includes a tool for running search-engine optimization reports to help developers make their sites more prominent in Web searches. It's available in nine languages.

The WebMatrix tools work with free Web publishing platforms such as WordPress, Joomla!, DotNetNuke and Umbraco.

"The target audience for WebMatrix is the universe of web developers that aren’t already hard-core .NET and ASP developers," said Jon Rooney, senior product manager with the Web platform team. He said the tool is powerful enough for Web designers working at agencies to use.

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