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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Completing Desktop Publishing

Alright, Fine People, we have discussed desktop publishing in the last several posts including:

1. What is Desktop Publishing?

2. When Was Desktop Publishing Invented?

3. What is Page Layout?

4. Myths & Misconceptions
5. The Graphic Design Connection

6. The Web Design Connection

7. The Word Processing Connection

Now that I have, hopefully, whet your appetite for desktop publishing through fine instructional articles by
Jacci Howard Bear, I am gong to give you the link to her many other desktop publishing instructions that delve into such things as: 
1. The Rules of Desktop Publishing

2. Four Steps to Perfect Publications

3. Learn to Use Desktop Publishing Software

4. How to Do Desktop Publishing and Desktop Printing
This link contains more detail about this fascinating subject. Take your time and read it thoroughly when you can. Keep it for future reference: http://alturl.com/qf5o
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