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Monday, October 5, 2009

John Austin Answers Jeanne Scott Re: World of E-Books

As a former teacher just sit back, take a deep breadth, close your eyes and simply realize/visualize that what has made this mass availability of the written word possible is simply a new "teaching tool" brought about by computer technology (or information technology {IE} as some prefer to call it)...a teaching tool that you would have jumped at & reveled in back in 1956 or so...Always remember, though, that the "content" or actual written word/s must still be created and written down in some format...The same as it's always been. The only thing that's changed is the format & delivery, and the fact that the publishing industry has not caught up with it's new business model for staying in the mix. As I've said to you before, all of these latest tech changes have given more power & control to the writers/authors themselves.
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