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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Return On Investment (ROI) One Reason for Digital Over Print

"FOLIO:" is the magazine for magazine management. A crisp, succinct professional magazine. It runs numerous surveys and articles that touch on the publishing industry as a whole but with emphasis on magazines. I have extracted the following piece from the September 2009 edition, the "E-Media Reality Check" section. This article deals with some of the economic advantages emerging from the digital field:

'According to a FOLIO: survey, 75 percent of e-media advertisers are existing accounts, while 25 percent are new business. Many have worried that online pricing started so low that publishers would have a hard time raising rates. However, 59 percent of respondents say that they have been able to raise the rates on e-media products.
When it comes to why they’re buying online media, the majority—52 percent—of publishers say their clients cite ROI/measurability and deeper business intelligence as the top reasons. Twenty-five percent of publishers say their clients are turning to e-media for lead generation, while 23 percent say it’s because of an accessible price point. Interestingly, just 5 percent of respondents say their advertisers cite the ability to interact with their audience via digital media.'
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