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Friday, June 26, 2009

More On Learning Book Marketing

Book marketing is just something a successful author HAS TO LEARN. I am a Work in Progress (WIP) in this area. I hope to be rudimentarily educated in this vital area sometime in the near future.

To that end, I will direct you to an informative blog, The Book Publicity Blog at http://yodiwan.wordpress.com/ I have discovered that is run by a professional publicist in a large publishing house: The publicist's name is Jen and she blogs about book publicity/marketing.

Further, this blog lists a large array of links to other related blogs: Book Blogs, Bookstore Blogs, Future of Publishing Blogs, Literary Agent/Editor blogs, Marketing/PR blogs, Media Blogs, Publishing Blogs, Publishing House Blogs, etc.

WARNING: There is a vast quicksand of info on this blog and it's links to keep you permanently occupied for a long time!
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