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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Querying Without a Finished Manuscript

Can I really sell the book before I write it? Author Blythe Camenson says: "yes you can." She is the author of 48 or so books about careers, writing and publishing and one of those books is titled: How to Sell, Then Write Your Nonfiction Book. First published I believe in 2002 by Contemporary Books, a Division of the McGraw-Hill Companies.

This seems to go against what most "literary agents" preach! Ms. Camenson says that selling before writing the complete project is a good idea because it will tell the author if there is enough interest in the book to complete it or move on.

She limits this approach to nonfiction books where you need to send in a well thought-out book proposal (including chapter summaries) plus a completed chapter or two to let the agent or publisher know if the project interests them and the writing ability of the author if a newbie.

What do you think??
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