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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

John Austin Replies:

I'm with you 100%...I made up my mind some time back that I was going to try to get your professional input on my book when I finish the first draft...I have had a complete book proposal and a query letter completed for some time (my book is a narrative nonfiction) but, I have not sent anything to anybody yet. I have chapter one (6,710 words) completed and some of chapter two...I wanted to write more on this project, Havana Harvest...When Cuba Was Naughty!, before I sent it out to professionals...But, perhaps you could give me a little constructive input just by reviewing what I already have...I am having trouble getting any work done lately...Seems like there's always something!

The only thing I have done with my work is submit excerpts to writers' sites like http://www.writingforums.com/ and www.authorsden.com , etc for "some" feedback.

I am also thinking of submitting chapter one, Key West...Erotic Awakenings in Paradise, to a magazine for possible publication...If that materialized it would certainly give my motivation a shot in the arm!
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