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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Your Book Marketing Plan

I have often heard that writing your book is the EASY part! That it's what happens afterwards that is the hard part. Damn, ANOTHER little tid-bit that discourages new writers from pursuing their writing dreams...
Not only is it a small miracle to be chosen for representation by a literary agent...but a rather major miracle to be selected for publication...THEN you find out you must market and promote your own book!!! What the hell is wrong with the publishing industry anyway?
While I think the traditional publishing industry is in a state of great flux at present, due to new technology in media presentation and inroads in self-publishing, I feel everyone just dreams of being published in the old way by an established publishing house...So, we must accept all existing imperfections and plan accordingly!!!
A marketing plan to sell your book AFTER publication by an established house is, unfortunately, one of those imperfections (in most cases) and a fact of life that we must plan for accordingly...
I am therefore going to spend some time researching and recommending sites dealing with how to create good marketing plans.
First recommendation: http://ezinearticles.com/?Your-Marketing-Plan---The-Basics-of-Selling-Your-Writing&id=1239258
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